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September 27, 2014

It's that time of year again. All over the country alpaca farms are open to the public so we can share our alpaca business with others.

This year at PushMe PullMe Acres we have a AWESOME group of alpacas waiting to meet you. Please come join us and let us share our adventure with you!

2013 National Alpaca Farm Day
Our 2013 Farm Day was a hit! Click here to see pictures.

Christmas in July
We had our Open House on 7/7/12. It was very hot outside but we had a good time anyway! Click here to see pictures and to read more!

May 2012 Shearing Day at PushMe PullMe Acres. We had lots of company our first year shearing at our farm. Thank you everyone for helping out. Rachel from Clayton brought her two alpacas to get sheared and stayed all day to help out with lunch and shearing. Amy, Michaela and Taylor took lots of pictures while Zach and Robyn picked up fiber and bagged it. Visit our Gallery Page to see photos.

When let out into the pasture last night all the alpacas ran, jumped and rolled in the soft grass.

Farm Store
Our farm store will be open by appointment only until the fall. Please contact Robyn to learn more.

2012 National Alpaca Farm Day
Farm Day was a hit ! Click here to see pictures. Thank you to all that visited with us today we hope that you had a great time and learned a little or a lot about our alpacas. We want to bring the joy of owning alpacas to you like someone (Ian wink wink) has brought to us. Thank you to all our help we could not do this without you all. Amy for running the farm store and helping people pick just the right gift. Amy Christine for keeping every gate closed and directing our guest to the alpaca's that loved to be loved on, making sure that all the alpaca and goats had water and cleaning up. Zach for entertaining the little ones; okay the big kids too with the petting area and bringing the calf's and sheep babies. The calf's slept most of the day; you'd think they did all the work. Ricky, KC and Renee for face painting and coloring with the children. Cyndi for showing everyone how to spin and use a drop spindle using Andy's marvelous baby fiber. And sending all the kids out to the pasture to identify who's fiber she was using....everyone guessed Andy. Troop 109 for keeping everyone's tummy full. And Zack for doing a great joy parking cars so everyone could get in and out of the farm. Click here to see pictures of our event. Check back often for other events and store openings.

Again, we hope all our guests had a great time. We love to share our love for our alpacas and hope that others enjoy visiting with them and learning all about these beautiful creatures. See you all soon, Robyn & David.

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